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u/cool_dudette789 posted a person wearing a full-face prosthetic mask to evade CCTV and facial recognition. This is someone doing that to commit theft via MGM Casino banking systems. Link in comments.

u/cool_dudette789 posted a person wearing a full-face prosthetic mask to evade CCTV and facial recognition. This is someone doing that to commit theft via MGM Casino banking systems. Link in comments. submitted by todoubleg to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

Thanks for ruining my night bar/casino/bowling ally/arcade with your awful sound system/ cctv wiring.

Thanks for ruining my night bacasino/bowling ally/arcade with your awful sound system/ cctv wiring. submitted by Dishtowel9733 to cablegore [link] [comments]

CCTV hack takes casino for $33 million in poker losses: A sophisticated scheme to use a Melbourne casino's own security systems against it has netted scammers $33m in a high-stakes poker game after they were able to gain a crucial advantage by seeing the opposition's cards

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ILPT: Easy $160 million

Following his release from prison, Danny Ocean violates his parole by traveling to California to meet his partner-in-crime and friend Rusty Ryan to propose a heist. The two go to Las Vegas to pitch the plan to wealthy friend and former casino owner Reuben Tishkoff. The plan consists of simultaneously robbing the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand casinos. Reuben's familiarity with casino security makes him very reluctant to get involved, but when he starts to think of it as a good way to get back at his rival, Terry Benedict, who owns all three casinos, he agrees to finance the operation. Because the casinos are required by the Nevada Gaming Commission to have enough cash on hand to cover all their patrons' bets, the three predict that on the upcoming night of a highly anticipated boxing match, the Bellagio vault will contain more than $150,000,000.
Danny and Rusty recruit eight former colleagues and criminal specialists: Linus Caldwell, a young and talented pickpocket; Frank Catton, a casino worker and con man; Virgil and Turk Malloy, a pair of gifted mechanics; Livingston Dell, an electronics and surveillance expert; Basher Tarr, an explosives expert; Saul Bloom, an elderly con man; and "The Amazing" Yen, an accomplished acrobat. Several team members carry out reconnaissance at the Bellagio to learn as much as possible about the security, the routines, the behaviors of the casino staff, and the building itself. Other members create a precise replica of the vault with which to practice maneuvering through its formidable security systems. During this planning phase, the team discovers that Danny's ex-wife, Tess, is Benedict's girlfriend. Rusty urges Danny to give up on the plan, believing Danny incapable of sound judgment while Tess is involved, but Danny refuses.
On the night of the fight, the plan is put into motion. Danny shows up at the Bellagio purposely to be seen by Benedict, who, as predicted, locks him in a storeroom with Bruiser, a bouncer. However, Bruiser is on Danny's payroll and allows him to access the vent system and join his team as they seize the vault, coincident with activities of their other team members in and around the casino. Rusty calls Benedict on a cell phone Danny dropped in Tess's coat earlier and tells him that unless he lets them have half of the money in the vault, they will blow it up; Benedict sees video footage confirming Rusty's claim. Benedict complies, having his bodyguards take the loaded duffel bags to a waiting van driven by remote control. Benedict has his men follow the van while he calls in a SWAT team to try to secure the vault. The SWAT team's arrival causes a shootout that sets off the explosives and incinerates the remaining cash. After affirming the premises otherwise secure, the SWAT team collects their gear and departs.
As Benedict arrives to examine the ruined vault himself, his men stop the van and find the bags were only loaded with flyers for prostitutes. Benedict studies the video footage and recognizes that the flooring in the vault on the video lacks the Bellagio logo, which had been added only recently to the vault. It is shown that Danny's team used their practice vault to create fake footage to fool Benedict. Furthermore, they themselves were the SWAT team and used their gear bags to take all of the money from the vault right under Benedict's nose. Benedict goes to see that Danny has seemingly been locked up in the storeroom throughout the heist and thus innocent of any crime. As Tess watches via CCTV, Danny tricks Benedict into saying he would give her up in exchange for the money. Benedict, unsatisfied with Danny's plan to get back the money, orders his men to escort Danny off the premises and inform the police that he is violating his parole by being in Las Vegas. Tess leaves Benedict and exits the hotel just in time to see Danny arrested. The rest of the team bask in the victory in front of the Fountains of the Bellagio, silently going their separate ways one-by-one. When Danny is released after serving time for his parole violation, he is met by Rusty and Tess. They drive off, closely followed by Benedict's bodyguards.
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EFF: Ink-Stained Wretches: The Battle for the Soul of Digital Freedom Taking Place Inside Your Printer

Ink-Stained Wretches: The Battle for the Soul of Digital Freedom Taking Place Inside Your Printer Since its founding in the 1930s, Hewlett-Packard has been synonymous with innovation, and many's the engineer who had cause to praise its workhorse oscillators, minicomputers, servers, and PCs. But since the turn of this century, the company's changed its name to HP and its focus to sleazy ways to part unhappy printer owners from their money. Printer companies have long excelled at this dishonorable practice, but HP is truly an innovator, the industry-leading Darth Vader of sleaze, always ready to strong-arm you into a "deal" and then alter it later to tilt things even further to its advantage. The company's just beat its own record, converting its "Free ink for life" plan into a "Pay us $0.99 every month for the rest of your life or your printer stops working" plan. Plenty of businesses offer some of their products on the cheap in the hopes of stimulating sales of their higher-margin items: you've probably heard of the "razors and blades" model (falsely) attributed to Gillette, but the same goes for cheap Vegas hotel rooms and buffets that you can only reach by running a gauntlet of casino "games," and cheap cell phones that come locked into a punishing, eternally recurring monthly plan. Printers are grifter magnets, and the whole industry has been fighting a cold war with its customers since the first clever entrepreneur got the idea of refilling a cartridge and settling for mere astronomical profits, thus undercutting the manufacturers' truly galactic margins. This prompted an arms race in which the printer manufacturers devote ever more ingenuity to locking third-party refills, chips, and cartridges out of printers, despite the fact that no customer has ever asked for this. Lexmark: First-Mover Advantage But for all the dishonorable achievements of the printer industry's anti-user engineers, we mustn't forget the innovations their legal departments have pioneered in the field of ink- and toner-based bullying. First-mover advantage here goes to IBM, whose lawyers ginned up an (unsuccessful) bid to use copyright law to prevent a competitor, Static Controls, from modifying used Lexmark toner cartridges so they'd work after they were refilled. A little more than a decade after its failure to get the courts to snuff out Static Controls, Lexmark was actually sold off to Static Controls' parent company. Sadly, Lexmark's aggressive legal culture came along with its other assets, and within a year of the acquisition, Lexmark's lawyers were advancing a radical theory of patent law to fight companies that refilled its toner cartridges. HP: A Challenger Appears Lexmark's fights were over laser-printer cartridges, filled with fine carbon powder that retailed at prices that rivaled diamonds and other exotic forms that element. But laser printers are a relatively niche part of the printer market: the real volume action is in inkjet printers: dirt-cheap, semi-disposable, and sporting cartridges (half-) full of ink priced to rival vintage Veuve-Clicquot. For the inkjet industry, ink was liquid gold, and they innovated endlessly in finding ways to wring every drop of profit from it. Companies manufactured special cartridges that were only half-full for inclusion with new printers, so you'd have to quickly replace them. They designed calibration tests that used vast quantities of ink, and, despite all this calibration, never could quite seem to get a printer to register that there was still lots of ink left in the cartridge that it was inexplicably calling "empty" and refusing to draw from. But all this ingenuity was at the mercy of printer owners, who simply did not respect the printer companies' shareholders enough to voluntarily empty their bank accounts to refill their printers. Every time the printer companies found a way to charge more for less ink, their faithless customers stubbornly sought out competitors who'd patronize rival companies who'd refill or remanufacture their cartridges, or offer compatible cartridges. Security Is Job One Shutting out these rivals became job one. When your customers reject your products, you can always win their business back by depriving them of the choice to patronize a competitor. Printer cartridges soon bristled with "security chips" that use cryptographic protocols to identify and lock out refilled, third-party, and remanufactured cartridges. These chips were usually swiftly reverse-engineered or sourced out of discarded cartridges, but then the printer companies used dubious patent claims to have them confiscated by customs authorities as they entered the USA. (We’ve endorsed legislation that would end this practice.) Here again, we see the beautiful synergy of anti-user engineering and anti-competition lawyering. It's really heartwarming to see these two traditional rival camps in large companies cease hostilities and join forces. Alas, the effort that went into securing HP from its customers left precious few resources to protect HP customers from the rest of the world. In 2011, the security researcher Ang Cui presented his research on HP printer vulnerabilities, "Print Me If You Dare." Cui found that simply by hiding code inside a malicious document, he could silently update the operating system of HP printers when the document was printed. His proof-of-concept code was able to seek out and harvest Social Security and credit-card numbers; probe the local area network; and penetrate the network's firewall and allow him to freely roam it using the compromised printer as a gateway. He didn't even have to trick people into printing his gimmicked documents to take over their printers: thanks to bad defaults, he was able to find millions of HP printers exposed on the public Internet, any one of which he could have hijacked with unremovable malware merely by sending it a print-job. The security risks posed by defects in HP's engineering are serious. Criminals who hack embedded systems like printers and routers and CCTV cameras aren't content with attacking the devices' owners—they also use these devices as botnets for devastating denial of service and ransomware attacks. For HP, though, the "security update" mechanism built into its printers was a means for securing HP against its customers, not securing those customers against joining botnets or having the credit card numbers they printed stolen and sent off to criminals. In March 2016, HP inkjet owners received a "security update available" message on their printers' screens. When they tapped the button to install this update, their printers exhibited the normal security update behavior: a progress bar, a reboot, and then nothing. But this "security update" was actually a ticking bomb: a countdown timer that waited for five months before it went off in September 2016, activating a hidden feature that could detect and reject all third-party ink cartridges. HP had designed this malicious update so that infected printers would be asymptomatic for months, until after parents had bought their back-to-school supplies. The delay ensured that warnings about the "security update" came too late for HP printer owners, who had by then installed the update themselves. HP printer owners were outraged and told the company so. The company tried to weather the storm, first by telling customers that they'd never been promised their printers would work with third-party ink, then by insisting that the lockouts were to ensure printer owners didn't get "tricked" with "counterfeit" cartridges, and finally by promising that future fake security updates would be clearly labeled. HP never did disclose which printer models it attacked with its update, and a year later, they did it again, once again waiting until after the back-to-school season to stage its sneak attack, stranding cash-strapped parents with a year's worth of useless ink cartridges for their kids' school assignments. You Don't Own Anything Other printer companies have imitated HP's tactics but HP never lost its edge, finding new ways to transfer money from printer owners to its tax-free offshore accou
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POGO leaves PH for better "tax incentives" in Cambodia (Tuesday, July 7)

Happy Tuesday, Barkada --

The PSE closed down 45 points to 6329 ▼0.69%.

Daily meme

COVID Update

WW: 11554169 PH: 44254 

Top 3 MB indices:

 Telco ▲1.57% Media ▲1.19% Logistics ▲0.97% 

Bottom 3 MB indices:

 #COVID-19 ▼1.42% MiddleClass ▼1.08% POGO Prop. ▼0.93% 

Main stories covered:

MB: One of the BI employees that was fired worked at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, and the other at the BI head office in Manila. Sec Guevarra is investigating whether criminal charges should be brought against the BI employees, who are also facing possible administrative sanctions for their involvement in this deliciously odd situation.
MB: That POGO is Suncity Group, which is the owner of Suntrust Home Developers [SUN 1.43 ▲15.32%], the small-time residential developer that morphed into a luxury integrated casino resort developer under Andrew Tan’s care.

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Merkado Barkada is a daily email newsletter covering all the stocks, bonds, companies, characters, and issues that make up the Philippine Stock Exchange. I don't make any money from MB, I don't use affiliate links or anything to trick people, and I don't sell email addresses for quick pesos. I simply like researching news and writing about current events in a way that helps my friends, family, and barkada to understand more easily what is happening.

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Best CCTV Camera Installation in Janakpuri

Best CCTV Camera Installation in Janakpuri
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a television system where the signals are monitored primarily for monitoring and security purposes but are not distributed publicly. CCTV installation is observing the camera's input somewhere on monitors and relies on cameras being strategically placed. We are very capable of installing any type of CCTV camera installation in your office, shopping center, home, or anywhere else in Janakpuri. There are several types of CCTV Cameras Installation that we generally use to install for each client in Janakpuri.
Dome Security Camera: Dome cameras are commonly used in casinos, retail, home, and restaurant surveillance systems. These Security Cameras are named as the shape of their dome. More fashionable dome cameras blend very well with their surroundings in Janakpuri.
Bullet Security Cameras: These are a box camera variation built into a weatherproof enclosure which is permanently sealed. They can be used without the need for additional hardware outdoors or indoors because of their attractive price, and all in one design in Janakpuri.
IP Security Cameras: An Internet protocol camera is a type of digital video camera which is commonly used for surveillance and capable of sending and receiving data by the Internet and a computer network. IP camera or net Cam is generally used for surveillance purposes in Janakpuri.
Wireless IP Security Cameras: Cloud cameras and wireless IP cameras make it possible for you to set up a security system without running wires around your business or home in Janakpuri.
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IoT Security at Home

IoT Security at Home

Illustration: © IoT For All
IoT devices aim to make our lives easier, more enjoyable and give us unprecedented control over many functions and aspects of our home right in the palm of our hands. Virtually any electronic device can be connected from TVs, security cameras, smart locks, smart thermostats, and the list goes on. The problem is that the majority of end-users aren’t aware of the trust and security issues that revolve around IoT devices.
Gadgets that are always on and listening, like Amazon’s Alexa, or connected smart-bulbs that have no security protocols, provide no guarantees as to who is listening on the other side. The possibility of whether someone will be able to hack your home network through smart devices is an increasing concern for consumers.


An excellent example of how unsecured IoT devices allowed hackers to make off with valuable data, happened two years ago at a North American casino. Hackers infiltrated the casino’s network through a lobby fish tanks’ IoT device designed to automatically adjust temperature and salinity and stole over 10 gigabytes worth of high-roller data. The IoT device in question was no different than, say, a smart-thermostat you would use in your home, and attacks like this demonstrate that these devices are seriously lacking when it comes to security. How safe are they in your home?

Weak Link

The Internet Society France Chapter was set up to create awareness about the security risks that IoT devices pose. The society has said not enough is being done to strengthen the security and privacy of connected devices. In the meantime, the number of IoT devices is increasing and is expected to reach 20.4 billion globally by next year.
Most devices are still poorly secured and vulnerable to cyberattacks. The security of the connected devices in your home is only as good as the weakest link.
Many unsecured IoT devices like smart bulbs, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, or even baby monitors, connect through a smart app on a mobile device. Even though they aren’t directly connected to other devices you may be using in your home, the fact that they’re on the same network, when it comes to a hacker gaining a foothold on your network, these unsecured IoT devices are an easy entry point.

Protect Yourself

Easily hackable devices expose owners to a range of security nightmares; chief among them is access to your wireless network. Some devices connected to your network will store Wi-Fi passwords insecurely, allowing a hacker to gain access to that smart device to get your password and potentially see everything you are doing online. It’s important to class your Wi-Fi router like the front door to your smart home. Make sure it’s using the latest software, has the strongest security protocols (like WPA2) and you’ve used a unique and complex password to protect it.
Another solution is to have your IoT devices on one network (connected to a separate router) while your computers and mobile devices are connected to a separate network. This way, any less than secure IoT devices are not connected to the same network. Finally, use a VPN. Many higher-end routers will have this feature and we strongly recommend using it. Otherwise, software VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN is a good solution to mask your IP address and encrypt all your network data.

Knowledge is Power

As aforementioned, security is of the utmost importance when it comes to IoT devices, and with these connected devices becoming omnipresent in our homes, educating yourself on the security implications can go a long way towards protecting your home. Online courses on IoT security and privacy are plentiful.
The courses listed by IoT Tech Trends include dynamic courses from providers like Coursera, IoT Security Foundation and Udemy. The courses vary from basic to more advanced and for the most part, are provided online. Udemy’s IT security courses come from experts around the world with specialists from the U.S. and Germany providing their expertise. So, if you’re using IoT devices in your home, it will definitely help to learn their inner workings and how to better protect your home.
Originally published by Roland Atoui | October 6, 2020 iot for all
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CCTV Installation in Cannaught Place

CCTV Installation in Cannaught Place
CCTV is also known as Video Surveillance system. Now days it is useful and used practically everywhere in showrooms, walls, sensitive areas and offices. It keeps a strict watch on illegal Movements, thefts and crimes. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) installation is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point (P2P), point to multipoint, or mesh wireless links. Though almost all video cameras fit this definition, the term is most often applied to those used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores.
In industrial plants, CCTV installation equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event. A more advanced form of CCTV, utilizing digital video recorders (DVRs), provides recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion detection and email alerts). More recently, decentralized IP cameras, some equipped with megapixel sensors, support recording directly to network attached storage devices, or internal flash for completely stand-alone operation. Surveillance of the publicizing CCTV installation is particularly common in many areas around Cannaught Place.
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FBE BTE II - BITB Match - Booking Kota Ibushi in AEW - Part 2 - The Reign of the Golden Champions

Part 1

Build to Bash at the Beach 2021
On the Dynamite after their huge victory over FTR at Revolution, the Golden Lovers are announced as the new Golden Champions of AEW, they will be defending their titles tonight against a team of their choosing. When their match is scheduled to happen, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi announce that now they are champions, they want to give an opportunity to people who wouldn't normally get such an opportunity, and hence they've gone out of their way to find the best local competitors around, and give them a shot at the tag titles tonight. The Golden Champions win the match in about a minute, and as they celebrate, FTR make their way down to the ring. FTR claim that the Golden Champions choosing to offer a tag title shot to a pair of local competitors, rather than a full roster all waiting and hoping for such an opportunity, is disgraceful. Kenny Omega interjects to remind FTR that they're in no position to demand a title shot, because the Golden Champions already proved they could beat FTR at Revolution. As he says this, the Lucha Bros come down to the ring. The Lucha Bros claim that we've seen enough of FTR vs the Golden Champinos, and it's time for something fresher, and that would be the Lucha Bros vs Golden Champions, only this time the Lucha Bros haven't been wrestling for 20 minutes beforehand. The three teams square off before the Golden Champions laugh with each other, before leaving the ring, as FTR and the Lucha Bros stare at each other with animosity.
Similar to last week, the Golden Champions announce that they're going to have another title defence against a team that usually don't receive these opportunities, and they've listened to the criticism of their decision last week, so this week they're choosing from the AEW roster, and this week they'll be facing Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler. As they did last week, the Golden Champions win easily, this time in 4 minutes. As the Golden Champions are celebrating, FTR run down the entranceway armed with steel chairs. However, the Golden Champions see them coming and get away as FTR enter the ring. As the Golden Champions retreat, FTR decide to take out their frustration on Peter Avalon, picking him up and hitting him with the Goodnight Express. As FTR stand tall, they are jumped from behind by the Lucha Bros, who beat down FTR as the Golden Champions look on from the entranceway.
On the following week's episode of Dynamite, FTR interrupt the show to cut a promo calling out the Golden Champions. FTR ask why the Golden Champions have repeatedly felt the need to dodge giving them a rematch for the tag titles, but before Kenny or Kota can speak, they are interrupted by the Lucha Bros, who ask why they seem to be ignored in this conversation, despite being the number 1 ranked team in AEW's rankings system. The Golden Champions then finally admit that FTR and the Lucha Bros both present an equally valid case for why they should be considered the number 1 contender, and on the first week of Bash at the Beach, FTR will face the Lucha Bros, with the winner facing the Golden Champions on week 2 of Bash at the Beach. FTR and the Lucha Bros both start celebrating, before staring at each other, ready to fight.
On week 1 of Bash at the Beach, FTR and the Lucha Bros go for about 20 minutes, but ultimately the Lucha Bros pick up the win after Fenix hits the Fenix driver on Dax Harwood to pick up the 1, 2, 3.
Week 2 of Bash at the Beach 2021
The Golden Champions (c) vs the Lucha Bros for the AEW tag team championship
The match begins with Kota Ibushi and Fenix locking up. Ibushi takes control right away with a headlock, but Fenix pries his way out of it into an armlock of his own. Ibushi rolls out of the armlock into his own armlock, but Fenix escapes this armlock with a flip, following it up with a spin kick, but Kota ducks underneath it, and connects with a spinning heel kicl. Kota then grabs Fenix and irish whips Fenix to his corner. Ibushi then tags in Kenny Omega, and the Golden Lovers perform a double fisherman's suplex to Fenix.
Kenny Omega then proceeds to work Fenix's back whilst Fenix tries to make the tag to Pentagon. Kenny puts Fenix in a Boston Crab, and through sheer power, Fenix is able to crawl his way over to Pentagon and make the tag whilst still in the hold. Pentagon gets in the ring, runs the ropes and rebounds back to Kenny Omega with a running knee, knocking down Kenny. As Fenix rolls out of the ring, Pentagon covers Kenny, 1, 2, kickout by Kenny Omega.
Pentagon recovers and begins working Kenny Omega's limbs, but Kenny reacts quickly and manages to grab one of Pentagon's legs and puts him in an ankle lock. Pentagon struggles with the hold for a while but manages to grab the rope. However, Kenny doesn't let go of the hold, and the referee starts counting to 5. Kota Ibushi gets in the ring and starts yelling at the referee to cause a distraction, however, Fenix recovers, gets in the ring, and hits a springboard cutter to Kota Ibushi. In the meantime, Pentagon has freed his leg and hit a superkick to Kenny Omega, but his leg is still injured so that move takes out both men.
Almost simultaneously, Pentagon and Kenny Omega make hot tags to their partners. Both Fenix and Kota run at each other and begin trading fists. Kota Ibushi suddenly grabs Fenix and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex, before picking him up and irish whipping him to the ropes. Fenix rebounds back at Kota and catches Kota by surprise with a tilt-a-whirl DDT, followed by a springboard moonsault, covering Kota, 1, 2, kickout by Kota Ibushi.
Fenix recovers, drags Ibushi towards his team's corner and tags in a now fresh Pentagon. Pentagon begins to work Ibushi's limbs, stomping on his arms and legs, but Kota manages to avoid one stomp, roll to his feet and hit a step-up enzuigiri to Pentagon, following it up with a german suplex. Pentagon recovers in the turnbuckle, and Ibushi goes to him, hitting him with a series of knife-edge chops. Kota Ibushi is then pulled away from the turnbuckle by the official, as Pentagon takes a moment to recover, before running at Ibushi with a discuss lariat. Pentagon then sits on Ibushi and begins punching him over and over. Kenny Omega gets in the ring to try and stop it, but the official gets in his way. Pentagon stops punching Kota to deal with Omega, but this allows Ibushi to secure a surprise ankle lock to Pentagon.
Fenix recovers now, runs into the ring and takes out Ibushi to break up the hold. Kenny Omega gets in the ring and hits Fenix with a lariat, before tossing Fenix over the top rope. Kenny gets back on the apron, and Kota tags him in. The Golden Champions then line up their finisher. As Pentagon gets up, the Golden Lovers hit him with the Golden V-Trigger, with Kenny covering Pentagon for the 1, 2, 3.
The Golden Champions (c) def. the Lucha Bros via pinfall to retain the AEW tag team championship (19:36)

Build to Double or Nothing 2021
On the following week's episode of Dynamite, the Golden Champions would host a championship celebration party, with just them and a few catering staff, to celebrate their reign so far. Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega would constantly put each other over with compliments, sip on wine and enjoy a platter of quail eggs, all whilst sitting on a sofa watching an episode of Dragon Ball Z. Their celebratory party would be interrupted by the Private Party, who would say that they can't have a private party without the Private Party. Kenny Omega gets annoyed by their invasion, jumping to his feet and going to attack Marq Queen, but Kota Ibushi stops Omega, before saying "just because you are the Private Party, doesn't make you welcome". The Private Party then very dejectedly leave as the Golden Champions get back to Dragon Ball Z.
The next week, the Private Party host a Private Party of their own, but this time everyone on the roster is invited besides the Golden Champions. The partying stops when the Golden Champions arrive, pissed off about feeling excluded. Isaiah Kassidy then repeats what Kota told them last week, "just because you're the champions, doesn't make you welcome". Marq Queen then tells Kota he should get Kenny onto the good anime, then puts on Naruto. Kenny Omega suddenly jumps Marq Queen, and a brawl ensues, with the people feuding with each other going at it whilst the Golden Champions and the Private Party brawl. Later in the show, it is announced that the Golden Champions will be defending their AEW tag team championship against the Private Party the following week of Dynamite.
The scheduled title clash between the Golden Champions and Private Party is a 12 minute spot fest. Both teams take turns showing off their best spots, with a series of near falls after the 9 minute mark, but the Golden Champions secure the victory after hitting the Golden Trigger to Isaiah Kassidy, with Kenny covering him for the 1, 2, 3.
On the following episode of Dynamite, the Golden Champions announce that their next title defence will be at the Double or Nothing PPV, and their opponent for that match will be decided that week. Kota Ibushi announces that there will be a battle royal with the AEW tag team roster, with the winning team earning the match at Double or Nothing. The teams in the match are all the current tag teams in AEW, plus a new tag team of QT Marshall and Austin Gunn. The final four teams are FTR, the Young Bucks, the Jurassic Express and Marshall and Gunn. The first team eliminated are Jurassic Express after Jack Perry gets superkicked over the top rope by Nick Jackson. Dax Harwood soon puts QT Marshall in a figure four leg lock, and refuses to let go of the hold, causing Marshall to "break" his ankle. Marshall rolls under the bottom rope and is escorted out of the match, meaning if Austin Gunn is eliminated, his team are out of the match. Cash Wheeler quickly grabs Gunn and goes to throw him over the top rope, when Matt Jackson catches Wheeler with a superkick, before tossing him over the top rope, and eliminating him from the match. The Young Bucks then grab Austin Gunn and put him in position for the Meltzer Driver, but Austin Gunn is able to pry himself free from Nick's hold, beating down both the Bucks before clotheslining Nick Jackson over the top rope, eliminating him from the match. Austin Gunn and QT Marshall have earned a match at Double or Nothing.
On the following week of Dynamite, QT Marshall announces that his leg injury from the battle royal means that he can't compete at Double or Nothing. The Golden Champions come down to the ring to berate Austin Gunn, saying that he's now lost his title shot, but Gunn says that it's not if he can find a new partner. The Golden Champions then laugh at Gunn, saying there's nobody in the back who will even want to tag with him, let alone accept the match on such short notice. Throughout the show, we see Austin Gunn talking to people backstage, but all of them refusing to take match. Towards the end of the show, we see Austin Gunn walk up to an open door. He looks at it, before knocking and coming in, closing the door behind him, and the door reads "AEW Producer Billy Gunn".
On the following week of Dynamite, the Golden Champions claim that they are now beginning their search for a worthy tag team to face at Double or Nothing for their AEW tag team championships. In the meantime, Kenny Omega has taken a one-on-one match with Austin Gunn tonight. During Gunn vs Omega, Kota Ibushi begins getting involved to distract Austin Gunn, when a masked assailant runs down the entranceway and starts beating up Kota Ibushi. This assailant distracts Omega, who gets caught in a single cradle pinfall by Austin Gunn for the 1, 2, 3. Austin Gunn immediately bolts up the entranceway to get away from a furious Kenny Omega. The assailant joins Austin at the top of the ramp, taking off his mask to reveal BILLY GUNN!! Billy Gunn is handed a microphone, and he says that he's chosen to team with his son for one more match, and they're going to win the AEW tag team championship. Kenny and Kota, now standing in the ring together, throw a tantrum after hearing this news, with Kota Ibushi grabbing the referee and hitting him with a Golden Star Powerbomb to let out his frustration.
Double or Nothing 2021
The Golden Champions (c) vs the Gunns for the AEW tag team championship
This match begins with Kota Ibushi and Austin Gunn. Kota Ibushi offers Austin a handshake before they lock up. Austin reaches for it, but Ibushi pulls it away, before laughing at Austin. Austin is angered by this, and immediately takes down Ibushi with a Lou Thesz Press. After Austin is finished punching Ibushi, Ibushi quickly staggers to his feet, collapsing in his turnbuckle. Kenny Omega makes a blind tag to Ibushi as Austin Gunn hits Ibushi with a splash in the corner. Kenny gets in the ring before Austin has fully recovered and hits him with an O'Connor Roll German Suplex into a pinfall, 1, 2, kickout by Austin Gunn.
Kenny Omega recovers, then lines up a move on Austin Gunn, who is using the ropes to get to his feet. Kenny Omega then runs at Austin, grabs Austin's head, leaps over the top rope and hits Austin with a snake eyes on the ropes, followed by a springboard senton. Kenny covers Austin, 1, 2, kickout by Austin Gunn.
Kenny Omega notices that Kota Ibushi has recovered, so Kenny irish whips Austin to his team's turnbuckle. Kenny then runs at Austin, but Austin steps out of the way, with Kenny crashing into the turnbuckle. Kota Ibushi makes a blind tag of his own as Austin Gunn begins laying punches onto Kenny Omega. Kota punches Austin in the face, staggering Austin back, before leaping to the top rope and hitting Austin with a leaping dropkick.
Austin begins crawling to make the hot tag to Billy Gunn, but Kota manages to sink in an Ankle Lock, pulling Austin away from the potential tag. Austin tries his best to crawl to his corner and make the tag. Just as Austin looks set to make the tag, Kenny Omega pulls Billy Gunn off the turnbuckle. However, Austin uses that momentum to grab the ropes and force a rope break.
Outside the ring, Kenny Omega and Billy Gunn have a stare off, before Billy lands a punch on Kenny that knocks Kenny right back to the ground. Billy Gunn gets back onto the apron and calls for the tag. Just as he does this, Austin Gunn frees himself from a headlock hold, pushing Kota away and leaping to make the hot tag to Billy Gunn. Kota Ibushi immediately back pedals towards his turnbuckle as Billy Gunn steps into the ring.
Billy Gunn immediately picks up Kota Ibushi and throws him across the ring. Kota rolls out of the ring and reconvenes with Kenny Omega, but Austin Gunn has recovered and he hits the Golden Champions with a dive off the apron. Austin Gunn then grabs Kota Ibushi and tosses him back into the ring. Kota crawls to escape the ring, but Billy Gunn grabs his leg, pulls him in and picks him up for a military press slam, followed by a leg drop cover for a 2 count.
Outside the ring, Kenny Omega has managed to grab Austin Gunn and hurl him into the steel steps. Billy Gunn takes his attention away from Kota Ibushi momentarily to see if his son is okay, allowing Kota Ibushi to strike with a missile dropkick to the back of Billy Gunn. Kota Ibushi then lays on Billy Gunn's back and begins laying in punches. He stops when he sees Kenny Omega is back on the apron. Kota grabs Billy Gunn by the hair, and walks towards Kenny Omega to make the tag. Kota Ibushi then kicks Billy Gunn in the gut, before the Golden Champions hit the Golden Trigger to Billy Gunn, covering Billy, 1, 2, 3.
The Golden Champions (c) def. the Gunns via pinfall to retain the AEW tag team championship (14:09)
Also at Double or Nothing, Lance Archer beats Jon Moxley to end Moxley's AEW World title reign and become the new AEW World Champion in a 25 minute street fight, and Adam Page won the Casino Battle Royal to earn a world title match at All Out.

Build to Fyter Fest 2021
Following the Golden Champions' victory over the Gunns at Double or Nothing, Kota Ibushi is booked in a one on one match against Austin Gunn, which he wins decisively in 10 minutes following a Golden Star Powerbomb for the 1, 2, 3.
On the following week's episode of Dynamite, Kenny Omega would be booked in a singles match against Marko Stunt. Kenny Omega would pick up the clean victory following a One-Winged Angel. After the match, Kenny and Kota would berate Marko Stunt, lightly slapping him on the face, and pushing him to the ground. Jungle Boy Jack Perry would run down to the ring to stop the Golden Champions' bullying, when Kota Ibushi would suddenly strike Jungle Boy, knocking him down. Kota and Kenny would then beat down Jungle Boy, but Luchasaurus would make the save. Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus would use their numbers advantage to throw Kenny Omega over the top rope, before Luchasaurus would grab Kota Ibushi and hit him with a chokeslam.
Following on from the previous week's attack, Jungle Boy would be booked in a one on one match against Kota Ibushi. Jungle Boy would put up a surprisingly even match against Kota Ibushi, with Ibushi unable to connect with the Golden Star Powerbomb. Kenny Omega would eventually come down to the ring to run interference. Marko Stunt would try and stop Kenny, but Kenny easily deals with Marko Stunt. Kenny taking out Marko distracts Jungle Boy in the ring, giving Ibushi the opportunity to finally connect with the Golden Star Powerbomb, pinning Jungle Boy for the 1, 2, 3. Following the match, the Golden Champions would once again beat down Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, and once again Luchasaurus would run down to make the save, but as he gets in the ring, Kenny Omega punches him in the nuts, before Kota and Kenny hit Luchasaurus with the Golden Trigger to stand tall after the match.
On the following week's episode of Dynamite, the Golden Champions would face the Jurassic Express in a 2v3 handicap match. The Jurassic Express would utilise their numbers advantage to pick up the win following a chokeslam by Luchasaurus to Kota Ibushi, with Luchasaurus pinning Kota for the 1, 2, 3. Following the match, Marko Stunt would grab a microphone and challenge the Golden Champions to put their titles on the line at Fyter Fest against Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus.
On the next week's Dynamite, the Golden Champions would be in a backstage interview, when they are asked if they are going to accept the Jurassic Express' challenge. Kenny steps forward and says that they have accepted the match against the Jurassic Express, but they hear that the match at Fyter Fest won't be their biggest concern heading into the two week special. Immediately, a paramedic runs through the shot, followed by another paramedic. The interviewer leaves the Golden Lovers to chase down the paramedics, when we see Jungle Boy Jack Perry holding his arm whilst resting next to a car. with the driver's door open. Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt soon come into shot, and Jack Perry tells them that he was jumped by two men wearing balaclavas, they grabbed Jungle Boy's arm, held it in the door hinge and slammed the car door shut, before running away. The doctors say that they don't know how long Jungle Boy will be out, but that Jungle Boy won't be cleared for Fyter Fest. Luchasaurus then turns to Marko Stunt and says "I guess you're up Marko", before the team are escorted out of the parking lot.
Week 1 of Fyter Fest 2021
The Golden Champions (c) vs the Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt) for the AEW tag team championship
The match starts off with Kenny Omega and Luchasaurus. Kenny Omega grabs Luchasaurus in an attempt to chain wrestle, but Luchasaurus immediately shoves Kenny Omega back to his corner. Kenny Omega starts waving at Kota Ibushi to make the tag, but Kota Ibushi holds his hands up, saying "he's yours". Kenny Omega then nervously turns around into a lariat by Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus then picks up Kenny Omega and goes for a chokeslam, but Kenny Omega reverses it with an arm drag, followed by a running bulldog.
Kenny Omega then puts Luchasaurus in a resting armbar, but Luchasaurus powers out of it, picking up Kenny Omega and slamming him onto the ground. Luchasaurus then goes to pick up Kenny Omega for a deadlift slam, but Kenny hits Luchasaurus in the head with a knee strike, followed by a rebound lariat, but this only staggers back Luchasaurus. Kenny Omega then rushes to tag in Kota Ibushi, and the pair get back in the ring and hit a double clothesline to Luchasaurus, which knocks him down. Kota Ibushi then follows it up with a standing shooting star press cover, but gets a 2 count. Kota Ibushi then recovers and lines up a running strike to Luchasaurus. But as Luchasaurus gets to his feet, he immediately sticks out his leg and connects with a big boot to Kota Ibushi.
Ibushi recovers in the corner, and Luchasaurus is ready to strike, when Marko Stunt yells out that he wants to be tagged in. Luchasaurus nervously glances over at Marko, before making the tag. Marko Stunt then immediately runs at Kota Ibushi with a dropkick in the corner. Marko hits a running dropkick to Ibushi again. Marko goes for the move a third time, but Ibushi manages to catch Marko Stunt in a powerbomb position, and hits Marko with the Golden Star Powerbomb. Instead of covering Marko Stunt, Ibushi immediately stands up and stares at Luchasaurus. Ibushi then picks up Marko Stunt, and hits him with another Golden Star Powerbomb. Ibushi pops up once again, and beckons Luchasaurus to get in the ring and stop the beating. Ibushi picks up Marko for a third Golden Star Powerbomb, but this time Luchasaurus steps over the top rope to get in the ring and put a stop to this. However, the Golden Champions wanted Luchasaurus to do this, as Kenny Omega was waiting, and as Luchasaurus put one leg over the top rope, Omega pushed the top rope up, hitting Luchasurus in the nuts with the rope, and sending Luchasaurus crashing down to the outside. Ibushi then hits yet another Golden Star Powerbomb to Marko Stunt, and makes the cover, 1, 2, 3.
The Golden Champions (c) def. Jurassic Express via pinfall to retain the AEW tag team championship (8:22)
After the match, the Golden Champions get in the ring and begin beating up Marko Stunt some more. They begin by hitting Marko with the Golden Trigger, before they each take turns hitting Marko with 450 splashes. Kota Ibushi then lays Kenny Omega's tag team title belt on the mat, and Kenny Omega hits Marko Stunt with the One-Winged Angel on the title belt, before leaving Marko Stunt in the ring as they walk away. AEW medical officers and Luchasaurus then lay Marko Stunt on a strecher to help him out of the arena.

Build to Fight for the Fallen
On Week 2 of Fyter Fest, there is a mini announcement that Marko Stunt is okay following the vicious attack by the Golden Champions, and that he'll be back in action soon.
On the Dynamite after Week 2 of Fyter Fest, Kota Ibushi is booked in a match against Luchasaurus. Marko Stunt is announced to be absent from this week's episode, meaning Luchasaurus is on his own to deal with Ibushi and Omega. During the match, Kenny Omega slides a steel chair into the ring, before distracting the referee. Kota Ibushi uses this opportunity to hit the steel chair on the ground and then throw it to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus catches it as the referee spins around, and the referee awards Kota Ibushi the win. Kota Ibushi immediately escapes the ring, and he and Omega begin circling the ring, with Luchasaurus waiting for them to attack. However, the Jurassic Express' music hits, and out come Marko Stunt, wearing a neck brace, and a returning JUNGLE BOY!! Jurassic Express then team up to beat down the Golden Champions, standing tall after the match.
On the following week of Dynamite, the Jurassic Express are in the ring cutting a promo about Jungle Boy's return, when Jungle Boy reveals that he has CCTV footage of the attack. He plays the footage, and it shows Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi putting on balaclavas, before going into the parking lot to beat down Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy then calls out Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi to come down to the ring. The Golden Champions announce that it was them who attacked Jungle Boy, but now they've beaten Jurassic Express, they want to find the next worthy challenger. Jungle Boy interrupts them, and says that he wants to face one of them tonight, and if he is successful, the Jurassic Express are guaranteed one more shot at the AEW tag team championship at Fight for the Fallen. Kota Ibushi accepts the challenge, before turning to Kenny Omega and telling Kenny that he's got this. Kenny looks surprised, but Kota reminds Kenny that he faced Luchasaurus last week, and it's Kenny's turn this week. Kenny then reluctantly accepts the match. During the match, Kota Ibushi is constantly getting involved, causing distractions, which leads to him getting banned from ringside. Kenny Omega begins pleading with the referee to change his mind, but as he's doing this, Jungle Boy sneaks up behind Kenny Omega and rolls him up for the 1, 2, 3. Jungle Boy rolls out of the ring as the Jurassic Express celebrate outside the ring, whilst Kenny Omega storms angrily to the back.
On the following week of Dynamite, the contract signing for the AEW tag team championship match between the Golden Champions and Jurassic Express is held. Marko Stunt joins his teammates still wearing a neck brace. The two teams sign the contracts, and then have a face off. The Golden Champions then take off their belts to hold them up, when they suddenly clock Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus with the belts. They appear to stand tall until Marko Stunt climbs the contract table and hits the Golden Champions with a diving crossbody, before ripping off the neck brace to reveal that he's okay. The Golden Champions roll out of the ring to flee as Marko Stunt checks on the rest of Jurassic Express.
Fight for the Fallen
The Golden Champions (c) vs the Jurassic Express ("Jungle Boy" Jack Perry and Luchasaurus) for the AEW tag team championship
Beginning the match are Jungle Boy and Kota Ibushi. They start the match off circling each other, seeing each other out, before they lock up. Jungle Boy takes control with a headlock, but Ibushi is able to reverse it by pushing Jungle Boy to the ropes and using that momentum to irish whip Jungle Boy to the opposing ropes, with Kota following it up with a shoulder tackle. Kota Ibushi then runs the ropes and runs back to Jungle Boy, who baseball slides underneath Kota and leaps to his feet to hit a reverse STO to Ibushi. Ibushi recovers quickly but staggers to the turnbuckle. Jungle Boy rushes over and hits Ibushi with a knife edge chop.
Jungle Boy then grabs Ibushi's arm and irish whips Ibushi to the opposing corner. Ibushi leaps up to the top turnbuckle and backflips off it as Jungle Boy rushes underneath. Ibushi then runs the ropes and rebounds back at Jungle Boy, ducking underneath a clothesline attempt and hitting Jungle Boy with a german suplex. Ibushi runs the ropes once again and hits Jungle Boy with an elbow drop for a 1 count. Ibushi takes a moment to step back, before grabbing Jungle Boy by the hair, putting him in position for a fisherman's suplex, but Jungle Boy reverses it with a fisherman's suplex of his own. Ibushi rolls out of the ring to recover, but Jungle Boy suddenly hits Ibushi with a suicide dive. Jungle Boy then grabs Ibushi and tosses him back in the ring before climbing the top rope. However, Jungle Boy took too long, as Ibushi was able to recover, and is able to push away the top rope, causing Jungle Boy to fall into a seated position on the top rope. Ibushi then leaps and hits a top-rope hurricanrana to Jungle Boy.
Kota Ibushi then walks over to his corner and makes the tag to Kenny Omega. Omega steps into the ring and immediately sits over Jungle Boy and lays in a series of punches, before grabbing Jungle Boy's arm and putting it in an armbar. Jungle Boy struggles with the hold, but manages to reach the ropes and break the hold. However, Kenny Omega refuses to let go of the hold, despite the rope break. Luchasaruus notices this and gets in the ring, grabbing Kenny Omega and throwing him off Jungle Boy. Kenny Omega gets to his feet and stands in Luchasaurus' face, but Luchasaurus then steps aside as Jungle Boy hits Kenny Omega with a superkick, going for the cover, 1, 2, Kota Ibushi breaks up the pin.
Jungle Boy quickly recovers and connects with a superkick to Ibushi, before making the hot tag to Luchasaurus. Kenny and Kota both recover as Luchasaurus stands in front of them. Kenny and Kota look at each other, then look at Luchasaurus, before running at him, but Luchasaurus catches them both with chokeholds, before hitting the Golden Champions with a double chokeslam. The Golden Champions then roll out of the ring on opposing sides, and circle the ring. However, Jungle Boy catches Kota Ibushi off guard with an irish whip into the barricade, followed by a shoulder tackle which takes out Ibushi entirely, leaving Kenny alone to deal with Luchasaurus. Kenny slowly walks up the steps, and steps in the ring, but Luchasaurus suddenly grabs Kenny Omega whilst he's still on the apron and picks him up into a military press. Luchasaurus then steps forward as he releases Kenny Omega, allowing Omega to land stomach first on the mat.
Luchasaurus then walks over to Jungle Boy and tags him in, and the pair pick up Kenny Omega and hit him with a double powerbomb. Jungle Boy covers Kenny Omega, 1, 2, kickout by Kenny Omega. Kota Ibushi has recovered and is standing on the ring apron, calling for a tag by Kenny Omega. Kenny begins to stir, before crawling towards Kota Ibushi. Jungle Boy grabs Kenny Omega's leg to try and stop the tag, but Kenny, using the ropes to get to his feet, hits an enzuigiri to Jungle Boy, before leaping to make the hot tag to Ibushi.
Ibushi bursts into the ring and immediately runs at Jungle Boy with a clothesline, followed by another clothesline, followed by a Northern Lights Suplex cover, 1, 2, Luchasaurus breaks up the pin. Kota Ibushi gets up and pushes Luchasaurus out of the ring, before turning to Jungle Boy and getting him in position for a powerbomb. However, Jungle Boy reverses it with a double leg takedown, followed by a jackknife cover, 1, 2, 3.
The Jurassic Express def. the Golden Champions (c) to win the AEW tag team championship (23:51)
Marko Stunt runs down the entranceway and grabs the title belts from the ring announcer's area to give to Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy as Jurassic Express celebrate, whilst Kota Ibushi lays on the ring mat, in shock that he was pinned, whilst Kenny Omega just walks up the entranceway into the back, without even looking at Kota Ibushi.
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Ideas for the game from an old player

(sorry for bad english, not my first language)

I play rust since a long time, i do not have that much hours in it compared to some hardcore people (1.5k) but i do play since the blueprint era (2015). I played much of the rust different gameplay styles from the blueprints system, the XP fiasco system, the scrap without and with components. I played many wipes solos and many with big groups.

The games changed a lot, sometimes for good, sometimes not so much, i made a little list of stuff that i think could improve the game based on past gameplay and how we could adapt it to make the game better, i do not say that those are the best ideas and my version is the perfect way to go. but i like to brainstorm about those, and see what other think !

  1. Quarries and pumpjacks
Before, quarries were a important part of every compound, we could place them pretty much everywhere, and try to maximize their output with survey charges. Now, they are a specific location. And to be honest, who use them ? its way too dangerous to let them run alone. and just standing next to them doing nothing is neither fun or efficient. Now , only big clans with enough resources to wall them can use them at their full potential. Its such a small % of players, kinda a waste. I think we could make the fixed one on the map much more better, but allow players to craft them again. Same with pumpjacks. Each region could have their own ideal output. Like desert for more oil, Snow for more HQM, grassland for balanced. Yes big clans could use them a lot, but at least, with this system, it would not only be reserved to them.

2) Monuments and progression
I have no need to talk about it again, its already much discussed on this reddit how after 2h a wipe, people are already shooting with AKs... This change could be simple, my idea would be that all monuments outside basics ones could have a very high rad level at wipe. Then this level would slowly go down, allowing access to higher tier monuments with time, this could slow down the progress no matter if you are a 20 zerg group or a solo. I guess it would need to be changed to adapt to server with weekly, bi weekly or monthly schedule.

3) Upkeep
I think the current system is not bad , but it could use a little tweaks. Again, to balance the big group vs small group, an upkeep amount could be multiplied or divised by the number of players authorized on a cupboard. Like that, big group would need to give more resources to their building for the same size as a medium group do. No need to be something insane, but a nice tweak maybe ? (like could max out to -20 to +20% upkeep ?)

4) Aquatic looting
Another aspect that i find interesting . Aquatic looting, the scrap piles floating on the water and the submarine crates. Its a great way to get stuff with relative safety, but i would be surprise if more then 10% of players do it or ever tried it. This could be much more interesting, i think they gonna improve that in the future, but as for right now, since this form of looting require both low grade , full swimming equipment, we could up the rewards of those by 15-20% ?

5) Trading at outpost / bandit camp
Very simple, they could add one or two metal shop front at those places, to be able to trade properly, without relying purely on both side goodwill to actually drop the item they promised instead of junk and not being able to do anything about it.

6) Events
At the moment, there is a couple of event that can affect all players on the mainland. Patrol chopper, airdrop, Chinook, cargo. But those are mainly targeted to players with a lot of gear to deal with them ( outside of the lucky abandoned airdrop you find in the middle of the tundra) . We could add smaller event too ! I had those ideas of stuff that would be simple enough to put without big development resources needed.
-Active Giant Excavator : The giant excavator would come online , mining a random resource every X amount of time and for X amount of time, we could go there to compete for the resources while giving the taste of that monuments to players ( i have the feeling its not a popular one at the moment)
-Casino Night : Event where for 1 night, all the rewards are doubled in the outpost gambling section. (could be announced with a RF frequency and some fireworks ?)
-Harbor landing: A RHIB with two or three scientist could land at the map harbors with medium level loot inside. (could be announced with a RF frequency and a flare ?)
-Outpost Purge: A random event for 1 night where all the access to the outpost are closed and the scientist / turrets become hostile, but during the event, you can keep all the loot of players / scientist you kill, but you have to survive until morning to be able to leave with it. ( Could be announced with a RF frequency and some loud alarm sounds?)

7) More decoration options
This might be my role player side, but would it be not funny and nice to be able to personalize more the look of our base ? It could be :
-Drawing on high walls / normal walls
-Colored lights
-Drawing on rugs

8) Little improvements on already existing items.
To finish, here is a few ideas i had about specific items improvement.
-Watchtower : Make them actually useful by protecting more the player inside, maybe offering included binoculars to it ?
-Searchlight : Possibility to make them electric to scan a specific zone when powered, or controlled with a CCTV (maybe even making them laser targeted with a computer to track players ?)
-SAM SITE: Make that they don't fire if they don't have a clear line of sight with the target, so they do not blast all their ammo on the wall of the base.

I'm curious to know what you guys think about those ! Does it make sense ? am i out of my mind ? tell me ! :)
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Anti-corruption Compilation part 5

This is a compilation of all the posts by user ar_david_hh who summarises anti-Corruption news of the day along with other interesting news in one comment. It is linked from the sidebar->Interesting Threads->Anti-corruption. The list is ordered by date, newest first. Date format: D/M/YYYY. All credit goes to the sub's hero ar_david_hh
Previous compilation threads: Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

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CCTV Camera Market Forecasts 2018 - 2025

"According to a recent market report published by Trends market research titled, “CCTV Camera Market by 2025” the global CCTV Cameramarket was valued at US$ XX.0Mn in 2018, and is expected to register a CAGR of XX% from 2018 to 2025.Demand for CCTV Camera is expected to be driven by increasing security concerns and government regulations.
CCTV Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit signal to a specific place on a designated device. It may employ point to point (P2P), point to multipoint or mesh wireless links. Applicable for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations and convenience stores. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitocapture a particular event.
Request for Report Sample:
Global CCTV Camera market is categorized on the basis of Type of CCTV Camera, End-user and Technology. On the basis of Type of CCTV Camera, the market is segmented as Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, Box Camera, PTZ Camera and others. The Dome Camera segment is anticipated to register a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period. The end-user segment is segmented into Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Government.
On the basis of technology, the market is segmented as Analog CCTV Camera, IP/Network CCTV Camera and HD CCTV Camera. Analog CCTV Camera segment accounted for highest market share and was valued at US$ XX Mn in 2018. Moreover, advancements in high definition (HD) and megapixel cameras globally is going to contribute primarily to the growth of CCTV Camera market. IP/Network Camera segment is expected to register a healthy CAGR of XX% during the forecast period.
Get Request for Table of Contents:
This report also covers drivers, restraints and trends driving each segment and offers analysis and insights regarding the potential of CCTV Camera market in regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. Among the regions, Asia Pacific was the largest market for CCTV Camera accounted for over XX% of the market share in 2018. Also, demand for CCTV Camera is increasing in the markets in North America and Europe.
Key competitors in CCTV Camera market are:Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd, Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., Bosch Security Systems, Hanwha Techwin Co. Ltd., FLIR Systems, Inc, Honeywell International Inc., CP PLUS International, Axis Communications AB, Digital Watchdog and Sony Corporation."
Make an Inquiry before Buying:
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New Years 9

It was around noon on New Year's Eve, 2014 when the staff of the Future Inns hotel in the Welsh city of Cardiff, discovered a body in room 203. The duvet had been pulled over her head, an ottoman had been pulled from its normal position, and blood stained bedding and towels had been hidden out of sight in the bathroom. It was the body of Nadine Aburas.
The horror of the situation quickly became evident as police were called and the investigation to find Nadine's killer quickly became an international manhunt. Almost two years later, American businessman Sammy Almahri was jailed for seventeen years for murdering Nadine, whom he called his “ex-girlfriend”. The New York City resident was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 17 years, after admitting murder on the second day of his trial at Cardiff Crown Court. The court hear that shortly after committing the murder, Almahri left the crime scene at the Future Inns hotel in the early hours of the morning and made his way to Heathrow Airport, before purchasing a seat on the next flight to Qatar in a bid to escape justice. The police operation that followed was one of the most complex faced by South Wales Police in it’s entire history.
But, despite Almahri being thousands of miles away, they were able to track him down to the east African nation of Tanzania, before bringing him back to Wales to face the consequences of his barbaric actions. During the manhunt, investigating officer and chief negotiator, Detective Chief Investigator Gareth Morgan, conducted a number of conversations with Almahri as he attempted to remain one step ahead of the authorities. Sammy Almahri met his victim, Nadine Aburas, on the online dating site, way back in 2012. The couple quickly developed a long-distance relationship through phone calls and Skype, with Almahri making multiple trips to Nadine’s home city of Cardiff during 2013. Nadine visited him in New York the following summer, with the tryst apparently continuing despite the strain of the long distance. However, something happened in New York City, something that has never fully come to light. But what we do know, is that Nadine later told New York State police that Almahri had sexually assaulted her. After she returned to the UK, he continued to send her threatening text messages and emails, with one particularly disturbing message reading, “I have been calling you a lot. I will never ever stop now or give up. I will harm you”.
Sammy Almahri then flew over to the UK to visit Nadine around the holiday period in 2014, apparently in some attempt at reconciliation. We will never know if Almahri’s intentions were pure, but whatever the case, we know he was told to leave the country following a heated argument with Nadine's brother.
However, instead of getting the train back to London and hopping on the next plane from Heathrow to New York, as Nadine and her family expected him to, Almahri booked himself into the Future Inns hotel in Cardiff Bay. He then proceeded to call Nadine and asked her to come to the hotel, telling her he had left his passport and phone at her house and that he needed them returned so he could leave the country. Likely keen to get Almahri out of her hair, Nadine obliged and set off from the family home, arriving at the hotel close to 9.10pm. CCTV in the hotel lobby shows that Nadine immediately went to Almahri's room, number 203. At around 10pm that night, Nadine and Almahri left the hotel and went by taxi to the ‘Lilo Grill-house’ (named after the Disney character) on City Road, Cardiff. Restaurant staff later claimed that the couple’s body language was “not good” and they were described as shouting and arguing. One of the staff members was later reported to have said that “something wasn’t right”. They stayed at the restaurant for just less than an hour and lobby CCTV has them arriving back at the Future Inns just after 11pm. That was the last time Nadine was seen alive.
At around midnight Almahri left the room to head to the nearby Grosvenor Casino and returned shortly before 1am. A few hours later, Almahri left the Future Inns hotel for good. Before leaving he approached bar manager Peter Morris and asked directions to the nearest highway that would take him to the airport. He said he had left a Do Not Disturb sign on the door because his ‘sister’ was still sleeping. At 12.20pm on New Year’s Eve the duty manager entered room 203 and discovered Nadine’s body. Hotel staff then called the police who arrived and began their investigation. Det Chief Insp Morgan, who led the operation, told the news media, “at 12.30pm, we received a report of a female found deceased in a room of the Future Inns and, you can imagine it wasn't clear what we were dealing with, but it became quite evident that it was a homicide”. “We did some inquiries and found out the room was booked to Sammy Almahri and after doing some research we found a previous incident regarding him – there had been a bit of a link there. He had paid with his card and found out he didn't reside in the UK and Fastcheck told us he was up in the air on a flight to Qatar. It was very fast-moving. Almahri had murdered a girl in Cardiff and the next afternoon he's in Qatar and on his way to Tanzania. It's unbelievable that can happen”.
Investigating police then found handwritten letters in hotel room 203, which were addressed to Almahri and signed with the name Nadine. But these were later determined to be penned by Almahri due to the letter's use of the American system of writing dates, as opposed to the regular British format. DCI Morgan added that “there was a legal framework we have to deal with for an international arrest. You have to show the Crown Prosecution Service and Interpol that you have the evidence for a case to allow a Red Notice to be put in place to give legality to the country of jurisdiction to arrest him. We knew
that wasn't going to happen in just three hours. We had to gather intelligence about what he was doing and where he was”. While police were still trying to figure out a way to bring Almahri in, things took an unexpected turn when the killer contacted the hotel from the deceased Nadine's phone and, surprisingly, actually asked to speak to the police himself. According to DCI Morgan, “Almahri took Nadine's phone and laptop with him. He phoned the hotel and told them they needed to look in room 203 because he was worried about his friend. He spoke to a detective and was asking if she was okay. The call became weird and a negotiator – me – was deployed. Almahri lied and lied and said he tried to help her kill herself and he didn't know she was dead. It was quite bizarre. He was concerned about her being buried. The negotiation was to secure a safe arrest and stop him from causing harm to another person. It was clear he was lying about his location. "He was telling me he was in Havana, Cuba, that he would hand himself in to the authorities, but he was intoxicated and in a room with a woman. He said he was going to do the same thing to her as what he did to Nadine. It was high-risk and we weren't in control. We knew he was in Tanzania but locating him with precision was difficult."
The seemingly distraught Almahri told Police he was planning to commit suicide because he couldn’t bear to live without Nadine. He went on to say that when they got back to the hotel room, he was stunned when Nadine had asked him to kill her. Almahri told police, “she said that she’d been waiting for the right moment to go to the saints. I strangled her. I strangled her for more than five minutes. I was scared.” He later asserted to interviewing police that Nadine had tried to strangle herself, but when he left for the airport she was definitely still breathing. He ended the conversation with the chilling statement, “I am ending my life today. I am sorry to the family.” In a another call to DCI Morgan, Sammy Almahri said he was going to hand himself into the American embassy in Puerto Rico, which he claimed was his next destination. He later said he was lying and wasn’t going to hand himself in, inquiring if the British penal system included the Death Penalty, which it does not. He told DCI Morgan, “I want the death penalty because I want to die. I have a gun with nine bullets and I can shoot myself. I didn’t mean to kill her and I love her, you know, but she asked me to help her die.” This was the last phone call police received from Almahri. “The conversations were certainly strange” DCI Morgan later explained. “He would go from being quite calm to irate. He was unstable for sure but I would put that down to intoxication – I sensed he was under the influence of drink. The key thing was to control the evidence gathered in the UK. We looked at that and focused on the processes here. We had evidence of him coming over to the UK.” "He had a dispute with Nadine's brother and he dropped his mobile phone, which we were able to find and examine. He was huge on the internet so we gathered lots of intelligence about the background of the relationship and his possessive, jealous, coercive and threatening behaviour and answerphone messages which were highly threatening.”
“We had his movements and the conversations – all the evidence towards the murder was developing really well. We were able to get that international arrest warrant in place but the time of year didn't help with people being on leave and having to deal with the different timeframes. We had to make sure we had the resourcefulness and resilience to keep South Wales Police business as usual and to manage the investigation, especially for the hotel, and to go about our job sensitively and professionally as possible”.
On the 2 nd of January, 2015, Almahri began contacting Nadine's friends and family, as well as posting on the wall of her Facebook account. Almahri also sent a text message to Nadine’s mother, one which stated “I know how you feel, let her go. I love her too. It’s your f****** son.” He later text her: “I promise to you, Nadine, my life. I see her soon. I can’t live with this anymore, I love her”. Det Chief Insp Morgan explained how these texts complicated their investigation. “This caused serious upset to people and managing that was really difficult. It was very difficult because we couldn't control what was going on over there but he was continuing to use her phone and we were able to identify he was in Tanzania. We went to the media who were a great help and we issued a press appeal. That went global and had a lot of air time in Tanzania which put pressure on Almahri and we started to get information. What we did was send a couple of South Wales Police officers out to Tanzania and they did a sterling job – there was a lot of international pride involved."
Despite their best efforts, the international Police search for Almahri was proving unfruitful and Nadine's family were told they could be facing a long wait for justice. But on January 19 th , 2015, Almahri was suddenly located in the town of Iringa in Tanzania, where he had family, and was detained. Less than three weeks after his escape from the UK Almahri's period of running from the law was finally over , but there was still an incredibly long way to go with Almahri's extradition back to the UK not taking place until the 23 rd of March, almost two months later. Detective Chief Inspector Morgan was one of the officers dispatched to east Africa to bring Almahri back to the UK and place him under arrest for Nadine's murder. He said: “When we met he was a charming and intelligent person. He was quite manipulative. He was smartly dressed and very confident when we eventually met him and I described him as a Walter Mitty character. He was well turned out when we met him and that's the perception he wanted to give to Nadine and the family – someone who was a successful businessman – but I don't think that was the case. He didn't really comprehend what was going to happen. I don't know whether he thought someone was going to buy him out but he was very chatty, friendly and confident – until we got to Heathrow where he was booked into custody and charged with murder and then we saw a real difference in him.”
After a series of preliminary hearings at Cardiff Crown Court, in which Almahri shockingly pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a murder he had all but admitted to, a trial date was set for the 19 th of October, 2016, and was due to last a number of weeks. But after the first day of the trial when the case was opened and piles of evidence laid out, Almahri changed his plea to guilty and he was sentenced on November 3. Nadine's mother Andrea Aburas' heart-breaking victim impact statement was read to the court, “by taking Nadine the defendant has taken the glue that made this family. We allowed him to come into our family and instead he took from us my child. Life will never ever be the same. No sentence that could be given to this man could compare to the sentence he has given to us. He has destroyed us."
After the sentencing she read a statement outside the court thanking the police and Crown Prosecution Service for their "hard work" in prosecuting Almahri. She added: "It is unimaginable for us as a family to understand the heinous crime that has been committed. We will continue to remember Nadine and the joy that she brought to us but our lives will never be the same.
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[Event] Algerida 2035: National Renewal Megaproject

Algerida 2035: National Renewal Megaproject

President Sa'adi has announced a new megaproject to couple with the national housing overhaul that will change Algiers forever. President Sa'adi has proposed the creation of a megalopolis to expand from Algiers, Oran, and Tiaret. The new megalopolis, slated to be called Algerida, is the proposed capital of the Islamic Republic of Al-Maghreb, and to be the most modern city in the Middle East when completed. The project will be massive and cost around $100 Bn, to be built in 10 years. However, for Algeria's future, there is no cost to great to launch us into the next era. President Sa'adi envisions a city with world-class universities, casinos, a vibrant trade port, a booming financial center, high-class tourists, and factories outside of the city limits-churning Algeria forward. Without a doubt, in recent years, Algeria has made leaps and bounds towards a brighter future, but this will be the crowning achievement for all of Algeria's time. It is one thing to claim to be the utopia for Muslims, it is another to actually give it to them.

Algerida's Residential Development

Already announced but under a different name, Algerida's massive apartment residential complex developments are already underway. This urban renewal process will begin replacing the old with the new to completely change the Algerian lifestyle. With the street side stores that are built into the residential blocks, while also featuring underground parking garages, downtown life will be more vibrant than ever before. Citizens will now be able to purchase services, food, and small items through small privately owned businesses within the first two floors of the residential developments on the street side. The previously mentioned underground parking will clean the Algerian streets of vehicle, trash and pollution clutter. With the Algerian National Police strictly enforcing the urban ban on roadside parking, it should fix the problem for good, and trafficking will be smoother sailing rolling forward. These new residential developments will have access to natural gas, 5G services from nearby towers, 10 gigabyte internet speeds, running water, and air-conditioning as a utility. For many Algerians, this is luxury they have never had before. Each apartment building we be on average 25 stories tall and be built in districts of like models, all will feature both stairs and at least two elevators. The roof tops of the apartment building developments will be fashioned with solar panels and connecting to the Algerida grid through transformers to store and use the energy gradually through the day time, and open up the reserves at night time- living in the desert does have its perks. Additionally, power from the tiered-hydro dams as part of the desalination river project will be the primary contributor to the new grid. To combat pollution and dust, Algeria will be working with contractors from China to build air purifier towers in the center of each apartment residential district to clean the air out for the local residents. Needless to say, each residential district will have its own Elementary School, Middle School, and High-School all within close proximity to the air purifier towers within the residential district. Algerian National Police will have at least two precincts to each residential district to ensure proper community policing and compliance with traffic laws. The local roads will also have to be upgraded to connect the proposed regions of Algerida together. Most main roads in the residential districts will be 8 lanes wide featuring signs in both Arabic and French. The main roads will have traffic lights, but at the midpoint between each traffic light on major roadways, sky walkways will be built over the road for pedestrians to traverse peacefully across the roads. The sky walkways will use ramps on the side with small stairs in the middle to cater to disabled citizens. In addition to the traffic lights, a small shaded concrete pedestal will be erected for Algerian National Police Traffic Enforcement Officers who will guide traffic on a permanent basis with their arms and whistle. Additional officers will be necessary to assist in school-crossings Monday through Saturday. The walled communities will have a security checkpoint at both ends to be accessed both by on foot and by vehicle, where in between all the apartments in the district is a small communal park. The security checkpoint will be required to log in visitors and have the resident who invited them come down to escort them to the residence. Only keys and parking passes will be given to residents, however visitor vehicles that are not electric scooters or bicycles/skateboards can purchase a $20 parking ticket to allow them to use the underground parking garages. The security checkpoints will be managed by the Ministry of Public Safety. Vehicle license plates and pictures of the driver will be taken when vehicles come and go that are not resident vehicles, otherwise, resident vehicles will already have their vehicle logged in with the public security officers at the residential check point. There is no specific metal detector or shake-down security at the entrances, just scanning the gate access with a residential card, the card will show the Ministry of Public Safety officers a picture on their screen that they will visually match with the face. The card will open the gate regardless. Public Safety officers will patrol the apartment district both during the night and day time to assist residents and ensure the area is secure. All mail will be delivered to an apartment district mail sorting house that all the residents can visit to collect their mail, near the entrances to the districts. The mail boxes are free of charge, and come with living in the districts. International shipping will cost, domestic shipping is paid for. Each residential district will have one major hospital, while each apartment block will have a small clinic with maybe one doctor and five nurses on staff for a range of services. All dentistry, and specialized services are done at the hospital. Private businesses can rent out the rooms on the first floor to open up street side businesses, making small thrive-able communities within the city. CCTV cameras will be placed around the inside of the Apartment block and serve as a way to assist the Public Safety officers in their patrols.

Algerida's Air Markets

Air Markets at one point in time was a crucial part of Algerian culture, and that has not passed away with history for many. President Sa'adi sees no reason why the new megalopolis cannot have these air markets, however he acknowledges they are usually quite dirty, and give a bad image on a clean and prosperous city. Nonetheless, there is a happy medium that can be met in order to keep the city efficient, and the streets clean. Algerida will allocate large plots of land on roadsides where the open air markets can be organized so they are not directly on the street side. The stall owners can apply for a permit at no charge to set up their stall and request at which air market they wish to operate, and they will be given a set space to keep their stall and set up permanently. This way, Algerians and tourists alike can visit these open air markets and enjoy them as a crucial piece of Algerian history, while not detracting from the efficiency of the city. The air markets are largely unregulated, and mostly un-policed, with the exception of annual food inspections, and the occasional narcotics sweeps. Officers will still be accessed to make the occasional patrol through the market and break up fights and ensure there is no gang-affiliated operations, but will not interfere with the private business functions or their products.

Algiers Financial District as part of Algerida

Recently, the Algerian State Construction Engineering Corporation has begun constructing their new headquarters, called ASCEC Tower just south of Rue Tripoli in Algiers- in the new Algiers Financial District. Rue Tripoli in Algiers as part of Algerida will become the new financial district. Large state-owned companies like Air Maghreb, NaseebChat, and many other electronic and corporate manufacturing giants have begun setting up their own headquarters on Rue Tripoli, overlooking the Mediterranean. When it is complete, Rue Tripoli Street will become the postcard image of the new Algeria. A bright night sky filled with colors of bright LED lights. Soon Air Maghreb Tower, Algeria State Broadcasting Tower, and NaseebChat Corporation Headquarters will tower above Algerida and show of the many homegrown successes of Algeria's own corporations. By day they will flex power, money, innovation, and creativity, and by night- they will light up the sky. Other companies such as AliTel, Halim Group, Kazim Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, and many others will also be setting up their own headquarters on Rue Tripoli.

The Mighty Universities of Algerida

Now holding some of the most influential universities in Algeria such as: University of Algiers, and Oran University, Algerida will hold a lot of sway over the dreams of Algerian students. However, if Algerida really wants to compete on the world-stage, it will have to attract talent from all over the world, and build new universities with new programs to stimulate the minds. It would also mean, Algeria would need to create some new universities to be apart of "Allah League," a play on Ivy League to describe prestigious American universities. The "Allah League" in Algeria will consist of the new constructed schools:
Other universities from around the world are being encouraged to apply to build an extended university campus in Algerida before there is no longer any space. To jump start these “Allah’s League” universities, it will take a considerable amount of money because the school must be built, faculty must be hired, contracts need to be signed. However, for our young people, there is no expense too many. Algerians should have some of the best faculty and researchers from around the globe, and there is no place better to look than the rapidly developing China. China is cranking out teachers and professors faster than it knows what to do with them- and Algeria says- we will help you if you help us. The Algerian Ministry of Education has reached out to the Chinese Ministry of Education and delivered them a stack of contracts for temporary senior faculty positions to build an Ivy League from the ground up. Of course, these contracts will last while students learn and become professionals until they can eventually become professors themselves and truly embody a homegrown Ivy League, for the academic elite- but until then, we will learn from our best friend. The Sa’adi Military University will specialize in creating 2nd Lt. officers out of high-school for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, to become the best of the best for the Algerian Armed Forces, to comprise of PLA visiting leadership. The National Algerida University will be the all purpose university with a focus on international relations, political science, humanities, foreign languages, education, fine arts and music, Sunni theology, urban planning, things of that nature. The National Algerida University will have a mix of both local and Chinese professors. The Zekkal University of Science and Technology will be the STEM school, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, software development, electronics manufacturing development, maritime and nautical engineering studies, aviation sciences, cyber security, biology, chemistry, environmental policy, environmental engineering, sustainability studies. The Fergani University is the Algerian Law School, and school for law enforcement. Zekkal University will likely need a large amount of foreign faculty to begin. Police, prospective attorneys, intelligence services, prospective students in international laws would all seek out Fergani University. Fergani University can be comprised of domestic educators. The Hamina University of Business will be the official business school of Algeria teaching things like finance, accounting, human resources, business administration, industrial management, industrial programming, business law, petroleum business, aviation business, electronics and synthetic manufacturing. The Hamina University of Business will seek field experts from all over the world.

Algerida Industrial Sector

Algerida’s industrial sector will be built south of Chlef to Tiaret. Current manufacturing giants in Algeria will be expanding their operations exponentially in the area to create thousands of job opportunities moving into the future. Additionally, Algeria is going to push the manufacturing of simple goods to couple the growing field of complex manufacturing. The sectors Algeria will push during the creation of the massive Algerida Industrial sector will be textiles, furniture, foodstuffs, building materials, semiconductors, and desalination equipment. Algeria is currently undergoing a massive economic transition as it aims to push all petroleum exports well below 50% by 2030 in an effort to diversify the economy, and the Algerida Industrial Sector will be one of the major draws for Algerians and other arabs to Algerida to work, as it will be the largest collection of factories and manufacturing facilities in Northern Africa- a key branching point to nations in the EU and Asia. The Algerida Industrial Sector will have very low business tax, with wide 8 lane roads to allow for ease of logistical transportation.

Port of Oran Upgrades

Mers El Kebir Heavy Industries Co, Ltd, the major shipbuilder and subworks that was built at Port Oran have been the latest addition to the port authority, however Port Oran needs to be significantly expanded to be able to service high-capacity exporting. The goal for the Port of Oran is to handle 30.05 million TEUs annually, setting Port Oran below Shanghai and Singapore’s capacity, but just ahead of Shenzhen. The port will need to expand exponentially to support the following: 50 berths for vessels with 10,000 tonnes deadweight and above, 23 non production berths, 18 passenger ferry berths, 9 consignee berths, and 20 container berths. Additionally, Quay Crane length will have to be 15,500 meters. It will consist of 727 hectares in area, and 180,000 square meters of warehouse facilities. The port upgrades itself, will cost $7 Bn out of the total $100 Bn to be spent on the project.

The Golden Desert Casino and Entertainment District

The Golden Desert Casino and Entertainment District is the proposed tourist hotspot to be right near the beach at Zeralda. Several high-class resorts, casinos, nightclubs and restaurants will be constructed near the prime beachfront property to make Algerida a tourist destination for summer and spring breaking Europeans, and “big spenders.” The following casino resorts will be constructed:
The casinos will be run and managed by the Algerian Ministry of Tourism, the Golden Desert Casino and Entertainment District is the only place in Algeria where consumption of alcohol and prostitution is completely legal. The Ministry of Finance plans on making the Golden Desert Casino and Entertainment District the official “cash cow of Algeria” as the Las Vegas of the Muslim World. Arabs have money, why not gamble it?

Algerida Transportation

Algerida will need an extensively developed transportation system to service the new capital area. Algerida plans to implement a metro system to include subway and buses. Additionally, Algerida will be implementing high speed rail and cargo rails for end-to-end city travel. The Algerida metro will at the beginning primarily service Oran, Tiaret, and Algiers respectively and be built closer and closer to linking each other together in Chlef as the need for new residential developments expands into the area. Metro trains will be purchased from China, the latest model of trains being used on the Beijing Metro. The entire metro service (bus and subways) will use the “Sa’adi Card,” an all access card. The card can be loaded up at subway stations and will be swiped when getting on the subway through turnstiles and at the bus door, and swiped when getting off or exiting turnstiles. The Algerida Highspeed Rail will be utilized through purchased Chinese CRH2 trains that run at 380 km/hr. Several stations for high speed rail and cargo trains will be constructed at large population centers along the lines. It will take approximately an hour to travel from Oran to Algiers. The trains will stop for 5 minutes at stops between the line start and line end. Subway trains will arrive every 5 minutes. There will be a simple metal detector and bag scan at both the high speed rail stations and metro stations manned by Public Safety officers.

Nadir Sa’adi International Airport (IATA Code: NSA)

One of the most important additions to the city will be the Nadir Sa’adi International Airport, that will serve as the larger of two airports for this major city. The Nadir Sa’adi International Airport will house four terminals and two runways of 12,802 ft of grooved asphalt. The entrance to the airport will be at the center between four extending arms of departure gates, the cars will pass under a tunnel which the planes will cross above to transition around the airport and the cars will move in a circular fashion by moving counter-clockwise before exiting the opposite side. Nadir Sa’adi Intl. Airport will primarily serve as an international transition hub between the Americas and Africa, the Americas and Asia, Europe and Africa, and any branching point from Asia or Africa. When completed, the airport will be utilized by over 80 airlines, 185+ destinations, and over 84 countries. The airport will serve as the primary hub and base for Air Maghreb.

Presidential Palace and Fanfare

The Sa’adi Presidential Palace will be constructed in Tenes, pretty much directly between Algiers and Oran. It will be constructed to be one of the finest recreations of old Sultan-era architecture, and will cost $490 Mn to built. The grounds will feature the largest mosque in Algeria for the Algerian Government, a military barracks, firing range, a large outdoor infinity pool, a presidential gardens, a 85 meter tall statue of President Nadir Sa’adi, a 300 car garage, horse stables, Presidential House, Guest House, Presidential Bunker, a helicopter pad, private airfield, and much more. The property itself, considered one of the most choice places in Algeria to build property, has a view overlooking the Mediterannean. On Rue Tripoli Street, the Algerian Congress building will be constructed with the largest flagpole in the country just on the opposite side of the road, overlooking the Mediterannean. Behind the flag, a 85 meter tall statue in bronze of President Nadir Sa’adi will be erected. The road will be 12 lanes in total after expansion, and continue uninterrupted for a mile before a 400 meter obelisk called the “Monument to the Maghrabians” splits Rue Tripoli as a roundabout, connecting in many different directions to be the most signature route in the whole city. Where the Algerian Congress sits is called “Al Merkets Square” where the nation will hold its military parades, when complete. The Algerian Congress building will have a viewing platform where citizens can look out at the city when there is not a military parade, but will be a viewing platform for the Algerian government when completed. The Algerian Congress will be on the south side of the Rue Tripoli, with the National Flagpole just north on the opposite side of Rue Tripoli, further north behind the flag will be the bronze statue of President Nadir Sa’adi and one mile down Rue Tripoli to the west, the “Monument to the Maghrabians” could be seen splitting the road. On the edge of the financial district, the buildings would likely be covered in flags in banner form in the event of a military parade.
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Camera Home Security Systems With Wireless Updated 2019

Camera Home Security Systems With Wireless

SimpliSafe's terrific security system finally looks the part What purpose does an infra red camera serve? There are many purposes an infrared camera might serve. The most noted reason one might use this type of camera would be as a part of a security job or position. What are the advantages of portable credit card machines? There are many advantages of having a portable credit card machine such as it's practicality and security. Because it can be taken on the go, it makes it easy for small business owners to stay ahead of the competition.
What is the average cost of having a video camera security system installed in your home? From ADT you can get it installed for $79.99 and then $39.99 a month after that. That is the best price I have seen but it is for a limited time only. It is possible to position them in a location that a burglar can never suspect. This is one of the security measures that add to the security in the home or business based security systems. For monitoring the remote locations, the wireless security systems that are based on the internet are the best option.
In this, the video signals are transferred by the cameras through a wireless network or local area network adapters, and then they are transferred to the internet protocol. In case, you are going out for some time, then security cameras are very helpful in monitoring your premises. What are the main uses of camera CCTV systems? Closed Circuit Television is becoming very popular on our streets and in buildings throughout the world. Camera Home Security Systems With Wireless
The main purpose of these systems is for video surveillance in areas that need monitoring such as banks, casinos, variety stores to help protect against crime. Can someone hear through cctv camera when they are in different country? Well, first the camera has to be wired for sound as well. But after that, these days it's dead easy to hook a CCTV camera up as a feed to a webcam link. And then you'll have both image and sound from wherever there's internet.
When we talk about the basics of security, we mean the simple things that are done every time that you come in or leave the location. We will discuss a number of useful tips that if employed correctly will not only supplement your security system, if you have one, but can actually replace some of them. The first area that is overlooked is the neighborhood. Your best security is your next-door neighbor. The benefit to living in an area that has lots of neighbors is that you have that many extra sets of eyes keeping a lookout.
It is human nature to be curious, so when people leave the house to walk the dog, get the mail, or mow the lawn, they are constantly taking a look around to see what is going on around them. If there is a person that does not belong around your home, the neighbors will see them and alert you or the authorities. The shameful thing is that most of us do not know our neighbors well, or even at all. Get to know all of the neighbors in your surrounding area.
Invite them over to have a drink or a meal and really get to know them as people. The more they view you as a friend and ally the more likely they will be to keep an extra eye on your home. Agree to keep a look out for trouble around their home. When you are on vacation ask them to pick up your mail and newspapers, and offer to do the same in return. Papers or mail stacking up is a sign of an empty home, which is a vulnerable target. You may even consider parking your car in their driveway on occasion while they are out of town to simulate a resident being home.
Camera Home Security Systems With Wireless
It is true that home security camera systems are very effective, but they are also quite expensive. If you are low on money, as many people around the world are at the moment, then consider employing the free and easy techniques of home security. What is the smallest of all security surveillance cameras made? Security survillance cameras can be as small as a button hole. It will depend on the application of the camera and how much one is willing to pay for one.
Cameras come in all sizes. How can you learn more about security camera systems? There are many reputable companies that will explain their systems thoroughly to you. You can also go to any store which sells security camera systems and the sales associate will gladly explain how the systems work and what to expect for installation and operation costs. Tyler Lizenby/CNET Honeywell's Lyric Home Security System is also supposed to work with thermostats, lights, locks and window shades so you can automate your entire house from a central hub.
That means that you should be able to turn on your lights, adjust your thermostat and disarm your security system with a single command. What are the advantages of having a computer databases? computer databases are advantageous since there is no need to dump your brain with the numbers and contacts, and more over keeping in system wil have high security and can be accessed easily.
Camera Home Security Systems With Wireless At Amazon
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Importance of CCTV Surveillance System | Revlight Security

Importance of CCTV Surveillance System | Revlight Security
CCTV Surveillance Security Systems are commonly used for a variety of purposes, including crime prevention, business surveillance, home security, public transportation security, traffic monitoring, building, and grounds security, for obtaining visual records of activities in banks, casinos, or airports, etc.

Best CCTV Surveillance Security System
More Info:-
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Wireless Cctv Camera Types for Dummies

Wireless Cctv Camera Types for Dummies

Wireless Cctv Camera Types for Dummies

The right sort of camera for homeowners is normally an outdoor CCTV camera, because they're affordable and quick and simple to install. Motion sensor cameras are, in addition, a lot simpler to install than other camera types used outdoors and they're also cheaper to purchase. camera không dây A discreet and affordable camera to use outside a house is a hidden spy camera.
In the majority of cases, a camera should cover the outside of the company and the parking lot. What many of us don't know, nevertheless, is there are a wide range of distinct kinds of CCTV camera which suit different scenarios or premises, and that selecting the appropriate camera for the most suitable application is in fact critical. CCTV cameras are usually broken into different types dependent on the body of the camera used. CCTV or Close Circuit Television cameras are among the most popular security systems which can be utilised in an assortment of settings.

The Good, the Bad and Wireless Cctv Camera Types

Wireless cameras don't have any wires or restrictions, and can record to hard drives too, no matter how the installation is much simpler. They are cameras that may or may not be connected to the internet. The wireless web security camera is basically simple to operate and if you're using a computer equipped with Windows XP then it's automatically incorporated into your devices.

Whatever They Told You About Wireless Cctv Camera Types Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why

AHD cameras are offered in 720p and 1080p resolution. Infrared Cameras are created for evening lookouts. High definition cameras are frequently used in casinos or higher risk establishment.
Read on to discover how various sorts of outdoor camera can do the job for and boost your house security measures. Because, if you're planning to install the cameras outdoor, or any place far from the DVR, you would demand a couple of wirings. Lots of people search for indoor cameras created to complement their house's decor. Indoor security cameras don't have to be quite as tough as the ones that you install outside, but they need to be unobtrusive. camera wifi ngoài trời The very last thing you will need is a dead security camera once it matters most.
Security cameras should offer security, not offer surveillance footage for anybody to view. Security cameras have distinctive fields of view, which refers to how much of your house or yard it is possible to see at any particular time. A wireless web security camera will capture both video and audio inside of your residence. It gives you the ability to watch as well as listen to what is happening at and around your home even if you are always away from the house.

Ruthless Wireless Cctv Camera Types Strategies Exploited

When thinking where you'd like to put your cameras, you may want to consider how they are going to be mounted and housed, to be able to guarantee that they're in the ideal location and well protected. Thus, the cameras are perfect for outdoor surveillance applications, where IR cameras cannot function optimally. PTZ Superior Industrial Cameras The new industrial type cameras have become the preferred alternative for a huge range of sites.

The Good, the Bad and Wireless Cctv Camera Types

According to FAQs, people who decide not to secure their cameras can write the site administrator and request the URL to be eliminated. Wireless cameras are also quite helpful for monitoring outbuildings as wireless signals can be transmitted from 1 building to another where it is impossible to run wires due to roads or other obstructions. Wireless outdoor CCTV cameras may also provide homeowners with a little more freedom than various other types, because they can monitor bigger areas at any moment and can be linked to other cameras to create a thorough surveillance system for the home.

The Good, the Bad and Wireless Cctv Camera Types

Wireless security is very important. Aside from the above, video surveillance is also typical in industries to scrutinize elements of a practice. Wireless video surveillance has come to be an important and integral portion of our security system.

Vital Pieces of Wireless Cctv Camera Types

Wireless security process is called the most cost effective security system now available in the marketplace. Some security methods use IP cameras that might be viewed with a mobile app. Most Infrared Security System is going to be in a position to capture clean images during the day that's precisely what you desire. A CCTV security surveillance system can help you to maintain a watch on your children when they're in different rooms of your home. Moreover, in case you have devices that could only utilize WEP security, camera wifi giá rẻ you should look at replacing them to raise the security of your network. As you may be aware, there are lots of varieties of surveillance devices to detect uninvited intruders.
Wired Camera Systems Wired camera systems are somewhat more stable on account of the cable, which doesn't have the interference problems connected with wireless systems, although the expense to install is higher as a result of labor. Based on your climate you'll want to make certain you've got an outdoor camera system which safeguards your camera housing. A number of the very best security camera systems also help turn your home into a sensible home. Additionally, there are do it yourself security camera systems available on the market, but I advise that you employ a trustworthy security business to install and offer security services.
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MAKVISION - CCTV Camera Installation in Bangalore

MakVision Solution is Leading CCTV Camera installation in Bangalore & Top Ranking CCTV Security Surveillance Camera Installation Dealers in Bangalore, Best CCTV Installation service in Bangalore, Karnataka.
We are in Electronic Security business providing sales and support in Bangalore including Install CCTV Security Systems, Maintenance of CCTV, Designing and implementation of projects.
MakVision Solution is Bangalore based CCTV Camera Installation in Bangalore provides electronic security solution across the city. Camera surveillance of surrounding has become common these days and has become the best medium to keep an eye on everyone. CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes using cameras. CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the cameras inputs on monitors somewhere. Because the cameras communicate with monitors and/or video recorders across private coaxial cable runs or wireless communication links forming point-point, point-multipoint or coaxial links, they gain the designation "closed-circuit" to indicate that access to their content is limited by design only to those authorized and able to see it.
CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including:
a) Traffic monitoring to detect congestions, catch defaulters and notice accidents on roads.
b) Overseeing locations that would be hazardous to a human, for example, highly radioactive or toxic industrial environments.
c) Building and grounds security.
d) Maintaining perimeter security in medium to high secure areas like schools, hospitals, offices, homes and other installations.
e) Observing behaviour of inmates in jails and potentially dangerous patients in medical facilities.
f) Obtaining a visual record of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access controls (for example, in a diamond cutting or sorting operation; in banks, casinos, or airports).
g) CCTVs have now become common in public places like restaurants, lodges, shops, factories, places of worship and places hosting public events.
Once an image has been picked by the camera, it is taken to the monitor and then recorded on video tape or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR). Network video recorders are distinct from digital video recorders (DVR) as their input is from a network rather than a direct connection to a video capture card or tuner.Cameras used in a CCTV setup can come in various shapes like dome, could be hidden and can even be thermal measuring temperatures. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) can have storage capacity ranging from light size to medium and ultra-series. Cameras could be wired or even work without wires (Wi-Fi/IP).CCTV cameras have become a need in today’s world and one-time installation and regular maintenance can save you overheads of rigorous monitoring and management. More than 15 years of Electronic security support in Bangalore including Install CCTV Security Systems, Maintenance of CCTV, Designing and implementation of projects. Our experienced technicians are experts in major brands of CCTV camera, Digital video recorder, and Network video recorder
MakVision Solution
RT Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
Cell: 08861789905
Email: [email protected]
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Best Casino Card Cheating video ever! - YouTube HDCCTV Casino sample at 720P Casino Video Surveillance Solution 04 - CasinoCam - Surveillance Cameras for Casinos - Dallmeier CCTV IP Academy MGM Casinos Surveillance Cameras - 360 DEGREE technology ... How To Install a Surveillance Security Camera System - YouTube Pelco Home CCTV Security Camera System - YouTube CCTV training - YouTube

View blog posts relating to gaming and casino video surveillance. How Casino Surveillance can be Beneficial . Easy installation – Since IP cameras function on a network, they're extremely flexible and can be installed almost anywhere. There's no need for coaxial cables. Simply mount cameras in the desired locations and establish a connection to the network video recorder. Crowd control ... Tony Bygrave Morden, Greater London, United Kingdom Casino CCTV Engineer at HD Integrated Systems Limited 69 connections View Tony's homepage, profile, activity, articles Casino Security Systems; Casino Security Systems. Video Security Camera Systems for Casinos: Our Solution for Casinos : Get a Free quote for security cameras or a complete video security camera system. We will work with you to design an affordable video security system tailored to your unique needs. 1 to 4 Camera Security Camera Systems: 4 to 8 Camera Security Camera Systems: 8 to 16 Camera ... Imagine casino video surveillance systems so smart they run at 1fps when nothing is happening and jump to 30 fps when it is. Imagine saving money storing files and time searching through them. With the Ultra 2K camera, the sharpest, smartest eyes in your casino will be yours. Take a seat at the table. The Ultra 2K will make you feel like you’re one of the players. But unlike the players, it ... 2M CCTV, Beginner Guides to CCTV, Camera Features, CCTV Cameras, Design, Enterprise, Gadgets, HD CCTV, IP Security Camera Systems, PTZ Cameras, Retail Security, Security Camera Tips, Surveillance Systems September 17, 2019 March 6, 2020 Alex C Casino CCTV Solutions. Cennox designs video systems that integrate state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest quality images available in the industry. Closed Circuit Video Surveillance (CCVS) systems use video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place on a certain number of monitors. This infrastructure enables signals to be securely transmitted. Our CCVS systems are ideal for ... The casino industry seeks the safety of customers and employees, ... We offer high-quality security cameras systems and installation that will protect your family when you are indoors and protect your home when you are away 24/7/365. Read More. HealthCare In hospitals and health centers, security cameras are very important because these will help keep the corridors monitored and the flow of ... CCTV hack takes casino for $33 MILLION in poker losses Australian Ocean's 11 crew rigs high-stakes poker tourney . Iain Thomson in San Francisco Fri 15 Mar 2013 // 18:48 UTC. Share. Copy. A sophisticated scheme to use a casino's own security systems against it has netted scammers $33m in a high-stakes poker game after they were able to gain a crucial advantage by seeing the opposition's cards ... Casino Industry Logistics Safe City Stadium ... Dallmeier solutions exceed efficiency requirements in all dimensions - from the ease-of-use of the camera systems to the functionality of the analysis and management software to sophisticated AI-based assistance systems. Quantum Leaps. Innovating for real customer benefits has been the driving force for Dallmeier since more than over 35 years ... Dallmeier has planned and realised the biggest real-time IP systems in casinos worldwide. Dallmeier Smart Casino Solutions combine the leading Panomera® Mulitfocal-Sensor technology with recording and software modules to increase overall casino efficiency in a wide variety of applications - from gaming to surveillance to marketing optimisation and more.

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Best Casino Card Cheating video ever! - YouTube

Choosing the right camera for security purposes can seem daunting. This training session will help you identify the right equipment for the right job.Topics ... Learn more about our CasinoCams and why they are adapted to use in casinos. More about Dallmeier CCTV IP video surveillance solutions for ... the multifocal sensor system from Dallmeier - Duration ... HD CCTV Camera, HD-SDI DVR and System Overview - Duration: 37:36. Discount Low Voltage 14,372 views. 37:36 . How to Play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert's Guide - Duration: 14:41. Blackjack ... Update Vid on the surveillance set up. This video shows the new 360 DEGREE CAMERAS installed in MGM Resort & Casino's as of early 2017. These sophisticated cameras can follow your entire movements... Today we are taking a look at how to install a video surveillance system. CCTV . The dvr that we will be using today does not come with a hard drive, but tha... Internal controls let casinos operate efficiently while allowing investigative personnel to detect theft, fraud, or other abuses in each segment of the casin... By the staff at Visual Truths Surveillance and Security Systemshttp://www.visualtruths.netPlayer was observed switching cards to improve his hand.